I made a short comic in the duration of 48 hours two months ago: the protagonist  being a very very hungry fox lady  (whose name is yet to be revealed.) Now you can find this bad made comic on Tapas on https://tapas.io/episode/978981

This slightly autobiographical comic is about a very hardworking fox lady who struggles in a famine as the all the livestock in town has disappeared suddenly. Throughout the year she has been fed- how?

  • a cut version of the story
  • really bad coding
  • meh
  • no art at all
  • me experimenting with new engine
  • actually made in two days lmao 
  • New Puzzle! 


This game remake will have detailed hand-drawn images to supply the story and some better writing(and coding lmao.)  With puzzles and riddles to solve!

Warnings Include
Light gore
Lots of blood.

Development log

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